About Spelbronze Dragon

Spelbronze Dragon Music and Design is primarily the studio space where Amado Ohland makes his own artistic creations; where he writes and records his original compositions, and makes websites and graphic media for the organizations he is involved in. The studio does, however, take on a limited number of freelance projects.


We design and develop websites with a focus on tailoring them to specifically what you need your website to do. That always means attractive, professional, and easy-to-navigate, but that's just a start. We'll work with you to determine what you need your website visitors to come away with when they've visited your site, and create something great that does it. For this meduim, our main tools include the Adobe family of products and open-source PHP/MySQL solutions.

Print Media

We design, layout, and create press-ready files for brochures, newsletters, booklets, and full-length books. We understand the subtle effects that design choices such as typefaces, color, placement, and internal consistency have on readers, so we work to make every print project easy on the eyes and a pleasure to read. For this medium, our main tool is Adobe InDesign, but we are proficient in a variety of print layout programs, if your project requires a specific platform.

Audio and Video

We edit audio and prepare it for publication in the medium you need, be it on CD or on the Web. We can mix multiple tracks into a single audio mix, or simply "sweeten" a single track of the spoken word and mix in audio "bumpers" at the beginning and end. We have the capability in-house to do simple video editing for your small- to medium-sized video projects, and prepare the video files for publication in the medium you need, be it on DVD or, again, on the Web.

Contact Us

Call us at 540-494-5355, Monday through Friday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST, or email us at info@BaseTwoMediaServices.com anytime.